Vertigo, 2012-2013

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Vertigo, 2012-2013, Fabian Unternährer

Fabian Unternährer follows Søren Kierkegaard in maintaining that the banal can be hidden in the extraordinary, and the extraordinary in the banal. He tries to find what is unusual and what is said to be invisible in everyday life, in order to bring out the sensation of vertigo in seemingly unremarkable situations. In his series “Vertigo”, he digs beneath the surface of the images to change our perception of reality; this is accentuated by the use of grey tones, the play with light, and the subtle mixing of the familiar with the unknown.


Fabian Unternährer (1981, Bâle, CH) vit et travaille à Berne. Diplômé en photographie du Centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey en 2007 et de la Haute Ecole d’art de Zürich en 2012, il a participé à la FOAM, UNSEEN Photo Fair d’Amsterdam et a gagné le 3e prix Portrait des Swiss Press Award en 2013.

The sound guides the gaze

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