Silent Outlooks, dès 2012

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Silent Outlooks, dès 2012, ECAL/Gregory Collavini

Noise-reduction walls are an ambiguous element of the landscape. They interest Gregory Collavini as a means of illustrating his own vision of the territory of Switzerland. A student of Nicolas Faure, Collavini has since 2012 been documenting these structures with the help of the Swiss Federal Roads Office and Google Earth. Ranging from work by Mario Botta to more ordinary structures, Gregory Collavini presents these noise barriers from a particular point of view and at a particular moment, emphasizing the perverse ways in which they affect how we use and inhabit the land.


Gregory Collavini (1988, vit et travaille à Fribourg, CH) est diplômé de l’Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL, 2012). Il est notamment lauréat du Prix d’encouragement au patrimoine culturel. Il collabore avec différents offices fédéraux. Ses travaux sont régulièrement publiés dans la presse généraliste et spécialisée.

The sound guides the gaze

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