Beast Mutation, 2010

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Best Mutation, 2010, JocJonJosch

JocJonJosch explores the idea of collective labour, what it means, and how it is conceived artistically. The “Beast Mutation” videos show the trio naked and with their bodies bound together in delicate but disturbing ways, giving rise to the “beasts” from which they develop their reflection on the nature of collaboration. The intimate working relationship of these three artists is sometimes uncomfortable and unpleasant, even debilitating, but it is an essential element in the creative spirit that pushes them forward.


JocJonJosch est un collectif pluridisciplinaire fondé en 2008 par Joc Marchington (1976, Londres, UK), Jonathan Brantschen (1981, Fiesch, CH) et Joschi Herczeg (1975, Bâle, CH) et basé à Londres. Ils ont notamment exposé en 2013 au Musée d’art du Valais à Sion en gagnant le Prix Manor Sion 2013.

The sound guides the gaze

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