Büropflanze, 2012

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Büropflanze, 2012, Saskia Groneberg

Saskia Groneberg wanted to document a certain kind of intimate relationship that can last several years, one that requires attention but also some patience: the relationship between office workers and their plants. An office plant seems to speak volumes about its owner: it grows unhindered, and gradually changes to become a hint of breaking the rules and a reminder of life outside the office, where work and productivity are no longer the guiding principles.


Saskia Groneberg (1985, Munich, DE), photographe et graphiste allemande, vit et travaille à Leipzig et Munich. Diplômée en 2012 de l’Académie des Beaux-arts de Stuttgart, elle a notamment été sélectionnée pour Plat(t)form 2013 au Fotomuseum de Winterthur, et y a reçu une mention spéciale.


The sound guides the gaze

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