Talking to Ants, 2009-2013

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Talking to Ants, 2009-2013, Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill likes to test the limits that photography imposes on him. As a conceptual artist – and also a bit of a sociologist and poet – he experiments with various unusual techniques in his documentation of the district of Hackney in East London. For his series “Talking to Ants”, he creates a confusion of scale by putting ants and other objects directly into the camera, resulting in a different kind of documentary photography, in which coincidence and human intervention create a new visual language.

These 16 images extracted from the serie “Talking to Ants” appear in a book published in 2014 by Nobody Books.


Stephen Gill (1971, Bristol, UK), photographe expérimental, vit et travaille à Londres. Il a déjà exposé dans de nombreux musées, dont le Foam Photography Museum d’Amsterdam en 2013. Grâce à sa propre maison d’édition, « Nobody », il réalise des publications, étape finale de ses séries photographiques.

The sound guides the gaze

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